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The Secrets to Building Birdhouses and Attracting Birds to Your Yard Finally Revealed…

“This Definitive Guide with Complete Instructions Shows You
How to Build Your Own Birdhouses with
Simple, Easy to Follow, Step-By-Step
Plans and Photographs”

“In Very Little Time and with Minimum Effort You Can Turn Your Backyard or Garden Into A Beautifully Tranquil Paradise and Be the Envy of All Your Friends

From the Desk of: Larry Jordan

Dear Bird Loving Friends,

Ask yourself this question. Why spend $79.00 or more for birdhouses or bird feeders when you can build them yourself with little money and no previous experience? Imagine the satisfaction you will feel when you see your feathered friends arriving to make a home in the birdhouse that you just finished building yourself!

I have been building birdhouses and feeders for over twenty five years! Using very simple designs and using a few simple tools these birdhouses have stood the test of time. The birds love them and come back year after year to nest and raise their young. If you think about it, this is what you are looking for in a birdhouse! Build them a place where they can raise their young, year after year, where they can feel safe and comfortable and treat you to their beauty and song.

Here’s what Lora Slawitschka from Colorado had to say:

birds“Well done Larry!!! I love it!!!”
“When I started my search to build the best bird house I had no idea how lucky I would be to run across your book. It’s informative with great directions and easy to follow steps! The best part – the tips to build the best home for the birds! Thanks again for a great book!!”

Lora Slawitschka, Owner of the Ouray Chalet Inn. www.OurayChaletInn.com

Are you ready to discover how to help your new friends create their nests? Then watch as they build their nests and lay their eggs? Feel the excitement when you hear the peep, peep, peep of the baby birds as they hatch. Watch the adult birds feed their young and watch as the young birds take their first flight!

I have studied several birdhouse designs over the years and I know what works! I have also seen some that can actually create a danger to the birds themselves. You have to remember that the bird is looking for a good, safe place to raise a family. You want to make a safe birdhouse that is easy to build. The simplest designs are the best designs for the birds and the easiest for you to build!

If you’re like me, you know how difficult it can be to build something when you have little or no experience and you need someone to guide you step by step through the process. You need a blueprint and a roadmap to show you how to get from point A to point B. You need to know what materials you need to get started and what tools you need to finish your project. These things are even more important if you want to teach your kids or a group of seniors how to succeed in building birdhouses.

Here is what Graham from the UK said about his experience with his kids:

birdhouseI have just completed a school project with my 8 year old triplets where they were given a task to find out about what comes into their garden.

I found your book to be of great value as it is written so clearly with simple instructions and thought it would be a great idea for them to build their own bird house.

The kids had a lot of fun building their own bird house and were really proud that they finished their project with only ‘a little help’ from their dad. They also learnt a lot about the different types of garden birds that we have here in the UK.

Thank you so much for producing such a terrific book that is obviously going to be a huge success.

With kindest regards,
Graham Downing


You certainly don’t want to try to do this without the guidance of someone who has been building birdhouses for over twenty five years and knows the right way to do it! Why waste your time and money on building something that the birds you want to attract won’t even use? I will show you how to build beautiful houses that the birds love!

Just Minutes from Now You Will:

build Find out which species of birds you may have in your area depending on your habitat so you can attract those species to your backyard.
birdhouse Discover where to place your birdhouses to attract the birds you want in your backyard so you can observe those birds you love.
birdhouses Be able to choose the best materials to use for building your birdhouses so they are not only beautiful but they will last for years.
birds Learn what materials and designs not to use to protect your birds so they will come back year after year to raise their families in your yard.
attract Get simple diagrams with step by step instructions for your project so you will be able to complete each one with ease and confidence.
build Get photos that show you exactly how things go together so that you can actually see what you need to do with each simple step.
birdhouse Learn how to deter predators and keep your birds safe from cats, raccoons and squirrels so they will occupy your birdhouses and stay.
birdhouses Learn how to ensure your bird’s health by keeping their birdhouses clean effortlessly using these simple designs with hinged sides.
birds Keep your birds coming back with a good supply of food and water that you can provide easily with your new knowledge of birds!

Obviously there are many important things to consider before you actually place a birdhouse in your yard. It is important for the health of your new feathered friends and for your own enjoyment to get the facts before you start your project.

Here are some comments from Laura Silverman from the Cayman Islands!

build“From the detailed explanations to the step-by-step pictures and insightful knowledge of the subject matter, Larry the Birdman has outdone himself with this book.
A must have for any bird lover and a great project for those DIY fans out there!”

Laura Silverman,
Cayman Islands

I have put together this exclusive information so that you and your family can enjoy a successful experience with nature in your own backyard. Bring your family together with a birdhouse building project and teach your kids to discover the abundance of life all around them. Let them experience the sights and sounds of beautiful songbirds. Let them experience the fun and excitement of building a place for the wild birds in your area to raise their young!

Discover Which Species of Birds Live In Your Area

It is essential to know what species of birds live in your specific habitat:

build Build birdhouses for the specific birds you want in your yard.
birdhouse Discover which birds are seed eaters and which birds eat insects.
birdhouses Find out what type of habitat is most beneficial to each species.
birds Know which birds are most likely to nest in your habitat.
attract Learn which species establish territories and which live together.

Plan your project around your habitat and the bird species you will be most successful at attracting to your habitat.

Locate Your Birdhouse to Attract Birds

I know it seems obvious but you must locate your birdhouses in the proper places to attract each different species. You know what they say about the key to success, location, location, location.

build Set your birdhouses at the correct height for maximum use.
birdhouse Learn which direction to face your birdhouses to attract birds.
birdhouses Discover how far apart each birdhouse needs to be from others.
birds Find out which birds love to live in close communities.
attract Find out how to make life easier for your birds and for you.

Choosing the correct locations for your birdhouses is critical for success.

Choose the Best Building Materials for Your Birdhouse

Make sure you choose the best building materials for your birdhouses.

build Discover the best materials to use to build your birdhouses.
birdhouse Learn about materials that are bad for birds and what not to use.
birdhouses Uncover building materials you may have lying around your house.
birds Get the most value from your project with low cost materials.
attract Find readily available, long lasting materials to build your birdhouses.

Remember you are building these birdhouses for THE BIRDS! Make sure that the materials you use are safe for the birds. When you choose the right materials your birdhouse will bring long lasting enjoyment for you too!

Choose the Best Design for the Bird’s Needs

The most important thing you must remember when starting a birdhouse project is “what is best for the bird”.

build Get time tested designs that attract birds and last a long time.
birdhouse Learn what size birdhouse each species likes the best.
birdhouses Discover what size entrance hole each species prefers.
birds Understand why a perch outside of the birdhouse may not be good.
attract Find out the style most adapted to each species of bird.

A good simple design is usually best for any species of bird. Make sure you choose the best design for each of the birds you want to attract.

Easy To Follow Step-By-Step Instructions

I know when I start a project I want to make sure I have easy to follow directions.

build" Easy step-by-step instructions make your building project enjoyable.
birdhouse Diagrams of every design make the building process effortless.
birdhouses You will love the photos showing you how to do each step.
birds This guide turns even the novice into an expert birdhouse builder.
attract The simple instructions and photos make this a great guide for kids.

You and I both know how important it is to have simple, well written instructions for any project we want to do. With the step-by-step instructions and the photographs in this guide your project is sure to be effortless and enjoyable!

Learn How to Deter Predators

I have included a few tips on how to keep predators away from your birds.

build Discover a simple method of keeping cats away from your birdhouse.
birdhouse Learn how to keep squirrels away from your bird feeders.
birdhouses Find out how to keep unwanted birds away.

Learning how to keep predators away from your birds is essential if you want the birds to nest in your new birdhouse.

Build Your Birdhouse So It Is Easy To Maintain

It is important for the health of your birds to keep the birdhouse clean and safe.

build Ensure the health of your birds by keeping the birdhouse clean.
birdhouse Discover the best time of year to clean your birdhouses.
birdhouses Choose a design that makes it easy to maintain your birdhouse.
birdhouse Learn to build and place your birdhouse for easy cleaning.
birds Find out how to easily clean and maintain your birdhouse regularly.

Keeping your new birdhouse clean and comfortable and safe for your birds is essential. You will have healthy birds returning every year and your birdhouses will last a long, long time.

Other Helpful Hints to Keep Your Wild Birds Happy

Wild birds need food and water and other necessities of life just like you and I do. Here are a few helpful hints for the bird’s and your happiness.

build How to make water available to your birds who love the water.
birdhouse Discover many different types of food and feeders for your birds.
birdhouses Learn what types of materials birds use for nesting.
birds Other projects you can use to attract birds to your yard.

You will enjoy many years with your new backyard friends when you keep them happy and singing their beautiful songs!

Read more unsolicited comments from my customers!

  Thank you, Larry, for all this great information. I am very pleased with finding your website!!!

Kirk & Resa from Louisiana


   Your definitive guide was just what I was looking for, thanks.

Kasey from Colorado


  Larry, I got it. Thank U for your help. I can't wait to start building our birdhouses and feeders. We live out in the country, 90 miles from Tulsa.

Kathy from Oklahoma


  Hip, Hip, Hooray, Larry!!! The "Definitive Guide to Building Your Own Birdhouses" is far better than "definitive"; its detailed illustrations and photographs are what sets your book above any other instruction manual.

  With your step-by-step instructions AND the pictures to check myself, even I can build these birdhouses AND feel confident I will have welcomed "guests" in my yard.

  Much appreciation for all your research, experiments/trials, and commitment to the "housing development" of our feathered friends.

Terrie Baron from California


  Dear Larry, This is some great stuff. I am a bird lover and so is my wife. We are going to love getting started. Thanks a million!



  You are marvelous....have a cup of coffee...put your feet up...and congratulate yourself!

  I got both emails and I've printed out same. Even have them hole punched and in a 3 ring binder.

  Excellent material. Exactly what was needed. Thanks ever so much.

Elizabeth from Pennsylvania


  Thank you for your prompt response. I am printing out the bonus items as I write to you. I'm not much of a builder but I think I can manage something serviceable from your descriptions.

  Thank you for this information all electronically delivered. Technology is wonderful isn't it?

Judy from Illinois

This offer is jam packed with so much information I could easily sell it for $47 and it would fly off the shelves but because I want to get this information into the hands of as many of the “birders” I know out there desperately looking for top quality products I am not going to charge $47 or $37 or even $27 but …

Today, RIGHT NOW, You Can Get All This
Delivered To You Instantly, for FREE
This Is An Electronic Download Ebook
You May Print This Ebook From
Your Computer After Download

build birdhouses

YES! For Less than It Would Cost You for One
Single Birdhouse, You Can Easily Make
As Many Quality Birdhouses As You Want!

You could spend weeks trying to find all this information yourself or spend 10 times this much for a single birdhouse! Or you can make it easy on yourself and simply get all the information you need to create beautiful birdhouses for your backyard whenever you want to right here, right now!

PLUS when you take advantage of this
incredible offer today, right now, you will also
get these Special Bonuses:

BONUS #1 (a $16.99 Value)
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Instructions on how to make a tray feeder complete with photographs. These bird feeders sell from $19.99 to over $50.00 and now you can make a better feeder yourself for less. Build your own feeder that will last for years to come!

BONUS #2 (a $16.99 Value)
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Instructions with diagrams and photos of another super easy, super simple birdhouse that you can build in less than an hour that will beautify your yard at the same time. Get started with your project right away with this easy to build model for all types of songbirds!

BONUS #3 (a $29.99 Value)
FREE For You Today

Instructions on how to make a beautiful covered bird feeder that would cost you anywhere from $29.99 to well over $50.00 if you could actually find a feeder like this to buy. This bonus comes complete with a diagram and photo of your finished feeder to make it very easy for you to put together! You can make this incredible feeder in no time for about $7 and it will last you a lifetime!

BONUS #4 (a $44.99 Value)
FREE For You Today

Instructions with diagrams on how to make your own predator guards. These squirrel, cat and raccoon guards are sold for $44.99 and more but now you can make your own for only a few bucks! This simple plan is easy to follow and this guard is easy to make in a matter of minutes! You don’t want to be without this guard if you have any of these critters around your yard.

Act now to receive your Bonus Gifts and start making your backyard a paradise with your new birdhouses!

Simply click the “Free Download” button below and you will instantly download my electronic book and the bonus package and you will soon be enjoying the sweet sounds of song birds in your backyard for years to come!

If you would like to receive a physical, printed book rather than the electronic downloadable ebook, you may do so by clicking the link below. The cost for the printed book from Lulu is $22 plus shipping.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

Here’s to your future enjoyment,

Larry Jordan
Your Backyard Birdman

P.S. Learn everything you need to know to make your own high quality birdhouses for less than it would cost you to buy one inferior birdhouse anywhere!

P.P.S. Learn how to attract birds to your yard year after year! Learn the secrets to filling your yard with the sights and sounds of glorious songbirds every single day! Make your yard a paradise!

P.P.P.S. You can’t find a definitive guide with step-by-step plans and photographs like this anywhere else! The value of these bonuses alone is well over $100.00!!!

P.P.P.P.S. DON’T WAIT!!! These bonuses will not last forever so order now!!



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